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Quality, Safety And Environment

Excellence Through Quality

The IJM Group has built a reputation for quality and is firmly committed to its motto of "Excellence Through Quality". It is the Group's objective to continuously improve on the level of Quality Performance to ensure that the Group is successful in business. To this end, the Group strives to conduct its operations in such a manner that all projects and services carried out meet the client's requirements whilst it continuously equips itself with the necessary methodology and tools to improve quality systematically.

Quality Management Committee meeting, chaired by the GMD Mr Krishnan Tan, in progress

Health, Safety And Environment Is Everyone's Responsibility

The Group, whilst acknowledging the constant expectation by customers to deliver quality product and services expeditiously, is fully committed to achieving a higher standard in its Health, Safety and Environmental practices. Its motto "Health, Safety and Environment Is Everyone's Responsibility" aims at creating awareness among its employees on the collective responsibility to prevent injury and occupational illness and ensure public safety when carrying out its business so that a concerted effort is made to prevent accidents and occupational health hazards whilst preserving a healthy environment.

IJM Quality and Safety Assessment System (IQSAS)

In the pursuit of operational excellence for all aspects of its business, the Group has, in 2000, embarked on, and successfully formulated, the IJM Quality and Safety Assessment System (IQSAS). IQSAS is a self-regulated assessment system of procedures and testing methods in which standards were set out for the various quality and safety aspects of building construction. In an environment of poor skills and a transcient migrant workforce which is prevalent in our local construction scene, the introduction of IQSAS will help the Group in its effort to enhance the quality and safety performance standard in its building projects.

The Mark Of Excellence

All necessary activities, including regular training courses, internal quality and safety audits, quality and safety campaigns, and annual management review, are carried out to further enhance the already reputable quality products provided by the Group, consistent with IJM's stamp of "Mark of Excellence".

IJM has inculcated in its work culture the need to maintain and enhance the high quality standard of work performance and level of safety. This was made possible through the relentless support and commitment of the staff and Management lead by the Group Managing Director.

To ensure that the Group continues to uphold its Quality and Safety policies and objectives, the Quality Management Committee and the Occupational Health and Safety Management Committee conduct an annual review of the Quality Management Systems and Safety and Health Management System.

In particular, these review addressed the validity of the Company's policies on quality, occupational health, safety and environment, and consider changes, where required, including review of the Company's Quality and Safety Manual and associated departmental procedure manuals to ensure that the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 and OHSAS 18001 standards are met.

Where necessary, appropriate means of improvement and corrective and preventive actions are recommended and taken to rectify any weakness and deficiency identified from internal and external audit reports.

IJMII,with its steadfast commitment to its motto of "Excellence Through Quality" continues to stamp its mark of Excellence in all Products and services in the construction.

IJMII has got the ISO 9001:2000 accreditations in January 2003 with Scope of:

"Construction and maintenance of Roads, Bridges, Townships and Residential and Commercial Buildings".

IJMII has got the ISO 9001:2008 accreditations in June 2009 with Scope of:
Design & Development, Construction and Maintainance of Roads, Bridges, Townships, Residential and Commercial Buildings.

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